Saturday, February 14, 2015

Provision and Busy-ness

I am writing this in retrospect: Case-in-point.

A Monday morning on the third day of June. Summer has finally shown up and the tourists and cottage residents are arriving in fits and starts.

After a winter of almost no work, I have finally been able to get a job at a local retail store that is a family run business. There are a number of stores throughout the state and it is considered a Maine Adventure to pass through it's doors.

I have really been exercising the muscles that allow me to trust in God's provision for me. What does that look like? It is something that I have to listen for and then to ponder on a day by day, minute by minute basis. It is a re-calibrating of the whole thought process. Of realizing and living by application, a life of faith and trust in someone much bigger than the world; who in fact, holds the atoms of creation together in the palms of his hand.

The default mechanism of so many who seek to follow Christ is to think that we have to help Him, to help us. It brings to mind that old saying : Heaven helps those that help themselves.
Where did that come from? Yet it is what I believed before I knew God for who He is. God helps those who seek his will and are willing to take "no" for an answer. The true desire of my heart,  would be what He gives me , no matter what that turns out to be. It's a hard thing to wrap my brain around a good part of the time, yet time after time He has proven himself to me.

Though most of my life has been that of feast or famine, last year was  one of the biggest challenges I have faced in terms of having employment. I live in a State where it is a constant battle to make a living, even in the best of times. Many folks work two and three jobs to barely break even. I know that is the case in many places these days. Just how much work do I need to take on? When am I making it happen on my own, or giving God a chance to bless me in His own way? It is a question that I wrestle with.

We are taught that being busy is being responsible. It's that Yankee thing I guess.

We need to re-calibrate and listen for that still small voice

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